The Everplanes is a spirit world where spiritual entities coexist with mortal man. It has its vast continents, deserts, and seas, its grand mountains, animals, and kingdoms. Mostly, the Everplanes mirrors its tangible counterpart, Earth. Events that take place in the Everplanes have a rippling effect on events in the mortal realm.

It is from here that destinies, difficulties, and luck are assigned to each human being. If someone could discern the spirit realm, they would perceive most things before they happen.

The Everplanes is also where the forces of magic operate and are used to manipulate the spirit realm to alter fates.

As an example, lush farmlands that stretch as far as the eye can see in the mortal realm appear as just a humble miniature garden in the same location of the Everplanes. This garden in the Everplanes is the mark of the true potential of those farmlands in the mortal realm.

Some things in the Everplanes are like seeds, smaller than their mortal equivalent.

For example, if a farmer is fortunate enough to build a farm in the same location as a healthy shrub exists in the Everplanes, his farmland will consist of fertile soil. With a little hard work, the lands will yield a good crop, and that farmer can take care of his family with a minimal amount of effort.

However, if that shrub was cut down by a mischievous wandering spirit in the Everplanes, the farm would suffer from drought, famine, or some other destructive force. Even though the majority of mankind are blind to the Everplanes, some people have developed an ability to see into it. If they see a celestial shrub or a spiritual tree, in the mortal farmland, they can successfully predict good fortune.

This connection is not limited to farmlands; it also exists for kingdoms. Whatever happens in the great kingdoms of the Everplanes has an effect on the mortal realm. In the second book, Let the Earth Tremble, which is set in 225 BC in the Qin Dynasty, the Gobi Desert is called Han-Hal in the mortal realm the Gobi Desert in the Everplanes. This is a sign that Han-Hal will become the Gobi Desert in the future, unless an event, such as war, alters the spirit realm. The Gobi Desert appears larger than its mortal counterpart. This is a sign that through war, natural disaster, or some other means the mortal realm will extend its borders in the future.

In The Sons of Thunder, this connection is what man has come to call fate.


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